World Changers 


Birthed out of the Toronto Blessing over 20 years ago, Catch The Fire World Changers is a partnership program devoted to spreading God's transforming presence around the world. 

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Our teams provide opportunities for people to have this life-changing encounter with God. For all of us, life has its challenges and issues, but we bring hope and a new start for thousands of people each year.

People who have suffered from issues of hurt, unforgiveness, and oppression are set free by powerfully encountering God. Their lives and relationships are completely transformed. People are able to hear God's voice for themselves; they have a new sense of Godly identity and purpose and feel freer in their relationship with God. Marriages and families are restored, emotional disorders and physical ailments are supernaturally healed. Together, we are making a difference.

Our heart is for the lost. Our heart is for the broken. Our heart is for the nations. 
All it takes is just a moment in God’s presence and lives are changed forever.                               

To become a World Changer, sign up as a monthly giver or give a one time gift for the year (minimum $25/month or $300 for the year). Sign Up Today:

  • by credit card

  • by Direct Debit - send a void cheque to your regional office.

As World Changers, you will receive:

  • Regular updates from senior Leaders

  • Invitations to Mission Trip Announcements

  • Reserved Seating and Lounge Access at conferences in Toronto

You are invited to contact our main office in Canada at any time for prayer support or to ask a question at: or by telephone at +1 (416) 674-8865. For the USA office, email  and for the UK office, email


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