This single sentence will start your day off right

By Alice Clarke


Mornings. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the way you start your day can affect the atmosphere of your next 24 hours.

You likely have some ideas of ways to make your morning more enjoyable and intentional.

Perhaps it’s getting out of bed without hitting snooze, eating a healthier breakfast (scratch that - eating any breakfast at all might be good), going for a run, or reading the Word before checking Instagram.

Those are all good ideas, but there’s a simple phrase that tops my list of ways to start the day right.

We recently chatted with Duncan and Kate Smith about living a revival lifestyle. Duncan said, “It looks like waking up in the morning and hoping that my very first thought is something like ‘Good morning, Holy Spirit, thank you for this beautiful day.’ Then leaping out of bed, putting on the coffee, feeding the dog, and sitting down with my Bible open on my knee.”

There it is, one simple idea that will change your mornings forever. Clue: you don’t even need to leap out of bed as enthusiastically as Duncan.

“Good morning, Holy Spirit.”

It’ll take you less than 2 seconds (I may or may not have timed myself). Before you open your eyes, switch off your alarm, or get the coffee on.

I love it. Starting my day greeting the Holy Spirit by name reminds me:

  • That He is the focus and centre of my day. The one I am living for.

  • That the Holy Spirit is a person to be known.

  • That He is present with me all the time. Even before I blink into morning, He is right there with me.

Benny Hinn made the phrase famous with his book Good Morning, Holy Spirit, which has been read by millions of Christians. Benny shares his story of getting to know the Holy Spirit intimately and learning to hear His voice.

My toddler wakes me up each day, which sometimes leaves me feeling like the morning kind of ‘happened’ to me, and all of a sudden I’m up and going without time and space to really think. If you can relate, here’s my top tip:

Set a reminder on your phone, for 10 minutes before you wake up each day. Just use the phrase “Good morning, Holy Spirit.” You’ll find yourself in the habit in no time.

What’s the best thing you do to start your day?

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