The Future of Partners In Harvest (PIH) and Catch The Fire

On April 1st, 2019 John and Carol announced their desire of restructuring Partners in Harvest and Catch The Fire into one unified family. With their intention for “a fuller integration of the two branches of [their] ministry” they believe it “will enable transformation in the lives of pastors, leaders, churches and even cities and nations.”.

John and Carol along with Duncan and Kate Smith (Presidents of Catch The Fire) and Dan and Gwen Slade (International Directors of Partners In Harvest), have partnered together as the Apostolic Leadership Cluster who will lead this significant integration.

Teams have been assembled from both branches to look at the process and functionality of this integration. Although sensitive in its execution, it is an exciting process of honouring the past, acknowledging the future and seeing what God is revealing for the future.

We believe that together in unity, with the right relationships and structures in place we will be more effective than ever at carrying this revival blessing.

To keep you updated along the way, more information will be given as it becomes available.

Thank you,

Catch The Fire