Testimony: Deliverance and Salvation

Testimony: Deliverance and Salvation

By Alice Clarke

Jacob and Carolyn Murphy are pastors at Catch The Fire Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. They have a huge heart for the people in their area. Their dream since planting the church in Greensboro is to be so in love with the city, that they never want to leave.

On a Saturday night a few weeks ago, Jacob got a surprising text from one of the guys in his congregation, which led to a deliverance experience that he could have never expected.

Here’s Jacob’s account of the story. (Please note: names have been changed for the privacy of the people involved).

An Unusual Text Message


I received a text message from a gentleman in my church. It was a video of his ex-wife manifesting some demonic activity. The gentleman filming this video was her new guy that she left my friend for… She's clawing at her chest and she’s speaking in tongues and they’re not edifying tongues. Her eyes are kinda hard to make out. Her pupils are dilated and black. I mean, she's straight up a stereotypical demonized person.

The gentleman was kinda unsure about what's going on but he's seen enough Hollywood movies to know that this is something supernatural, so he was trying to address the situation. He tries to reason with this thing, saying, “What's your name? why are you here? what's your purpose? why do you have Brenda's body? what are you doing?”

The boyfriend tried to help, trying to cast the demon out in the name of Adonai or Rah.

This guy was just going on whatever he could. He was literally trying to cast a demon out by the power of one. I was kind of sad that this girl was being oppressed but at the same time this whole thing was a little bit amusing.

Waking up with a Headache

By Monday Morning, Jacob had forgotten about the text. He woke up with a shattering headache, and couldn’t get out of bed.

I look at my phone and I've got two messages from my friend from church and he says, “My ex-wife is outside my house now. This thing has been oppressing her for two days straight she hasn't slept, and the guy hasn't slept because he’s trying to care for her. They came to me for help and I can't seem to help. Can you come and help?”

I immediately thought, “I just don't think I can with this terrible headache, but actually, I really probably should.”  I decided to go even though I really didn’t feel good. I hung up the phone, stood up, and literally, the instant I stood up, the headache was completely gone. That was a helpful clue, thinking actually, this is going to be a significant day because I think that was a demonic distraction.

On the way to the house, Jacob called Steve, one of the other pastors at Catch The Fire Greensboro, to invite him to come and help out.

As I’m driving, I start thinking what prayers should I be praying how should I be getting ready for what I'm about to go do. “Lord, what do you want to do? How can I be ready?” I just felt the Holy Spirit say, “You have everything you need. You know what to do, just go take care of it. It will be fine.” So I had total peace in the car.

Set Free

Jacob arrived and parked up the street. He spoke to the friend from church for a few minutes before approaching the car to find out what was going on and put him at ease.

I go to the car and take a look in the back and sure enough, Brenda is just flailing side to side and snarling and cursing at the driver.

Jacob introduced himself to her boyfriend, Harold, who was sat in the driver’s seat, completely freaked out. He explained the situation to him:

“I can help, but the truth is I believe in the Bible. I believe what Jesus said. I can absolutely take authority over this stuff but if Brenda’s not willing... You know, Jesus specifically said that you can cast a demon out of a person, and it leaves, but finding nowhere to rest and thinking to itself, ‘I should go back to where I was,’ and he goes back and finding the house swept clean, brings seven of his friends and the afflicted person actually ends up more demonized than they were.

An antidote to that is that the person has to be ready to fill the house with something else instead. So if Brenda’s not ready to put her faith in Jesus, it’ll actually mean that she's going to be worse off. So that I don't want to get in there if she's not ready to do that.” He looks at me with panicked eyes and says, “Oh she's definitely ready.” I felt the Holy Spirit witness to that.

Harold asked to help, but Jacob asked him to sit it out.

In the back there’s Brenda cursing at the guy from my church, cursing at Harold, flailing her head back and forth, won’t look me in the eye, and I realize she's pretty oppressed right here, this is bad. So I quietly under my breath just invite Holy Spirit to come. I'm totally at peace with the whole situation.

After about a minute of just being there, I’m finally like, “Okay let's go ahead. Brenda are you ready?” She snarled and I just said, “Okay, that's enough of that, thanks very much, but Brenda are you ready?” Finally, Brenda sort of pulls herself and together and looks me in the eye. She convulses a little bit but is able to look me in the eye and nod her head and choke out the word yes. In that moment I just saw a scared little girl, not sure what was going on and wanting to be free.

Jacob took her hand and invited her to pray, “Come Holy Spirit.” She only managed to choke the words, but the atmosphere completely changed.

She could sit still and she could look me in the eyes. She could breathe properly. Harold, seeing her calm down for the first time in 48 hours, just burst into tears.

They prayed “Come, Holy Spirit,” again, and Brenda completely settled down into her right mind. Jacob invited them both to get out of the car, just as Pastor Steve arrived.

He just puts a hand on her shoulder looks at her and says, “Oh yeah, it’s your time to be free.” And he just gets in there with a deliverance prayer,  “In the name of Jesus, you get out of her and you leave her alone. You get out right now, in the name of Jesus.”

Brenda bent over and heaved multiple times as they prayed for her

She stands up this time and she is Brenda again. The situation completely shifted. I turn to her and say, “Okay, so that was Jesus kicking that out of you and touching you. Now it's time for him to take up residence. It's time for you to give your life to him. Are you ready to pray with me and to follow Jesus? She said yes, and full of tears she prayed the Salvation prayer with me. I looked over at Harold and I said, “Alright, your turn pal. And he goes, “uh huh”.  

Harold started to shake under the power of the Holy Spirit. He laid his hand on Brenda, and she began to cry too. Jacob and Steve took some time to explain who the Holy Spirit is as Brenda and Harold cried together.

Jacob has been in touch with the couple since.

I’m like, “Guys, now your job is to stay free. You know you've been set free. You’ve given your life to Him, now your job is to stay free. Let's get to know each other, I want to help you understand that what you've done today is amazing. I want you to understand what that is going to mean for you.”  We've met together a couple of times and talked on the phone, and texted back and forth. They haven't immediately become followers of Jesus. And it's not been like darkness to light and they're in the church. But they certainly were delivered. She was set free and things have begun to change them.

Getting Out of My Box

Jacob talked about how the experience has changed his perspective.

I didn't really have a healthy perspective on what it probably looked like in Jesus time. He goes around from town to town healing all those who are sick many of diseases and delivering those who are afflicted with demons. Seeing it happen like that on the street has certainly changed my perspective on how Jesus loves us, and His willingness to jump in and help. He was not waiting for Harold and Brenda to come to church that's for sure. They didn't have to go through a 12-week discipleship training program or an immersion weekend.

They had enough trouble for 2 days that they reached out to the ex-husband who is a born-again believer.

It also just helped me to see that deliverance, it's for the afflicted. That's who that's for! I don't know how I would get a box around my thinking on that, but I did, and it certainly helped me get out of my box.