Six Places God is Moving Around the World

By Alice Clarke

“When I was eighteen my family went on an around-the-world trip to visit places where revival fires were burning. It was incredible! I was changed forever by seeing what was possible; what was happening in places like Toronto, Pensacola and Brownsville. I remember thinking ‘I wish everyone could see this!’” - Robyn Lambert, pastor of Catch The Fire Church in Sydney, Australia.


What an amazing experience! God is still doing incredible things in communities all around the world. Have you ever wanted to visit places where God is moving? When you visit a church or community where God is doing something unique and interesting, it’s an opportunity to be inspired for what God can do where you live, and to be refreshed to keep pursuing Him in your day to day life.

There are so many incredible revival centres that you could visit, but here’s a shortlist of six to get you started:

King of Kings Church, Buenos Aires, Argentina

King of Kings Church was founded by Claudio and Betty Friedzon. With a hunger for the presence of God and revival, they became a centre where the Holy Spirit was moving dramatically in the 1990s and still is today. The church now has over 30,000 active members, who love the Lord and want to see their city impacted.

In 1993, John and Carol Arnott visited the Friedzon’s ministry, where Claudio prayed for them and they were dramatically impacted by the Holy Spirit. They attribute this visit as a catalyst to the Holy Spirit breaking out in Toronto in 1994, which birthed the Catch The Fire movement.

Bethel, Redding CA, USA

Bethel church is known around the world as a centre for healings and miracles, a love of the presence of God, and a focus on His goodness. Bethel church host conferences throughout the year, and are also home to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and WorshipU.

HTB, London England

Holy Trinity Brompton is based in the heart of London, England. It’s a vibrant part of the Anglican church in the UK, with a passion for society to be transformed. HTB is home to the Alpha course, which started in 1977 and now operates in local churches 169 countries, giving people the opportunity to discuss the big questions of life and faith.

They’re passionate about leadership development, pouring into leaders and worshippers across denominations, and social transformation.

HRock Church, Pasadena CA, USA

HRock Church was founded by Che and Sue Ahn out of their passion to see revival and transformation in LA. In 1995, they partnered with John Arnott to host revival meetings which ran nightly until 1998.

HRock also partnered with Lou Engle to run a full-time House of Prayer from 1996, and to be part of the first TheCall prayer event in 2000, on the Mall in DC.

HRock hosts events and conferences that visitors can go to throughout the year.

Iris Global

Iris is a missions organization based in Mozambique, founded by Rolland and Heidi Baker. With a passion to see revival among the poor, the needy and the broken, they’ve seen nations and people groups transformed by the simple act of stopping to love one person at a time. Iris has ministry bases across Africa and around the world, and hosts short term and long term missions for those that would like to get involved.

The River at Tampa Bay, FL, USA

Drs Rodney and Adonica Howard Browne moved from South Africa to the USA in the early ‘90s and planted The River in 1996. The church community pursues the presence of God, healing, miracles, signs and wonders. Dr Rodney Howard Browne hosts events throughout the year and the church is home to the River Bible Institute and School of Worship

Where Will You Go?

God wants to do amazing things in your life and the lives of your neighbours and your community. Taking time to visit somewhere that you can be refreshed in God’s presence, activated in your giftings and encouraged to pursue him is always worthwhile.

Perhaps it’s time to start planning to go on a missions trip, even with your whole family. Or maybe God is calling you to spend time being refreshed at a leaders school.

Have we missed somewhere you’d love to go? Let us know in the comments below!