“Show me the proof”: God reveals his healing power to medical professionals

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Engagement is supposed to be an exciting time of expectation and preparation for marriage. Shortly before their wedding, medical doctors Anthony and Stephanie Mascia got a nasty surprise when Stephanie got bad results from a routine medical test.

Bad results

“I had grown up as an athlete and so I had regular medical treatments, tests and care,” said Stephanie. This time, though, the results weren’t good, “My tests came back and they suggested that I had a brain tumour. I needed an MRI. Praise God, I was engaged to a doctor who could arrange that for me.”

Anthony, an MRI specialist, arranged the scan. The results were clear: Stephane had a brain tumour in the centre of her head. She visited three of Toronto’s top specialists who offered her various treatments.

“What they didn’t realize is that I’d sought another opinion,” said Stephanie, “Jesus had told me he was going to heal me, and that through my experience, others would come to Christ. And I believed him. So I respectfully declined all of the medication, all of the treatments and all of the surgery.”

Holding on to faith

Stephanie had always wanted to see the proven results of a physical healing, and now was her chance. Holding on to faith, she and Anthony decided to go to a healing meeting at Catch The Fire Toronto, their home church.

Heidi Baker was speaking that night. She did an altar call to pray and bless medical professionals. “Naturally, I ran up to the front. She prayed for me, and she touched me, or at least I think she touched me. I went flying back and I came to on the floor. I believed that I was healed. So we arranged for another MRI,” said Stephanie.

Anthony’s attitude was usually skeptical when he saw people healed in meetings, “Show me the proof, I’m a doctor. I want to see the MRI pre and post. So God says, ‘Ok, I’ll show you.’ So we had the MRI pre-healing that showed the tumour. We came back a week later after the healing meeting with Heidi, and the tumour was gone!”

“All your symptoms are gone!”

Seven years later, the Mascias were coming to church for another conference. Anthony is an avid cyclist, but he had just suffered a bad concussion from a cycling accident. Both he and Stephanie specialize in concussion treatment. Still, it was a bold decision to head to church during conference time. Anthony was suffering from headaches, and the lights and sound were really bothering him.

“The first night I had glasses, headset, earpieces, earplugs,” said Anthony. During worship, Anthony decided to step out of the session.

John and Carol Arnott met him in a back room and started to pray for his healing,“ John put his hands on me, and there was a change,” said Antony, “All of a sudden lights don’t bother me, music doesn’t bother me, the bass is great!”

Stephanie was able to verify the healing on the spot, “Right after John laid his hands on me, right away she says, ‘you’re healed, all your symptoms are gone!’” said Anthony.

Anthony and Stepanie shared their testimony at the Catch The Fire conference, Toronto, September 2018.