Revival25: New Album from Catch The Fire

This new recording from Catch The Fire’s 25th Anniversary conference carries the heart of revival in passionate worship.


If you’re hungry for worship that draws you into encounters with God, this album is for you. “There is a tangible feeling of presence whenever you walk into the room of an event for Catch The Fire,” said Summer Shealy, director of Catch The Fire Music. This record is an invitation for every listener to join that experience.

Join Live Worship

This is big-sound live worship that you can engage with while folding laundry, driving to work, or worshipping with your small group. The six-track record flows between structured songs and spontaneous moments of praise. The songs were recorded over a week of conference sessions, but each track links coherently with the next, making it feel more like one continuous worship set than a collection of disjointed moments.

“It was created around strong anointing and moments,” said Chris Shealy, director of Catch The Fire Music, “For me as a worshipper, that's what I prefer to listen to. I love good songs, but when I tune into something these days it's live Youtube worship sets in their complete setting. I love that I can feel like I'm in the room and we're worshipping and I can lose myself in the songs.”

Celebrating 25 Years

ctfm-album-art-front (1).jpg

In January 2019, Catch The Fire celebrated the last 25 years since the Holy Spirit began to move unexpectedly in 1994. The mood of the event wasn’t just reminiscence, but expectation and anticipation for God to continue to pour out His presence among the nations.

This album is your invitation to join in that atmosphere of expectation. The musicians and worship leaders featured on the album represent the far reach of the revival that started in a small church at the end of a runway in Toronto. The worship is just as passionate as ever, led by musicians from around the world who have been touched by God’s presence and are hungry for more.

What You’re Listening To

The album has an unashamedly full sound - heavy rhythmic drums, driving keys and flying guitar lines create a backdrop for passionate roaring vocals.

“Catch The Fire is our name for a reason, and I just felt like the moments of worship were explosive, really packed with fire,” said Chris Shealy.

The three full songs on the album are Doxology, We Have Come and Tremble. Summer Shealy said, “They're songs that are being sung in churches around the world. I feel like it goes beyond our movement and so I love that. The Kingdom is a lot bigger!”

The spontaneous sections are easy to connect with. From “No one like you Jesus” which takes you into praise and adoration of Jesus, later leading to a time of warfare in “Chains are broken” where Steve Tebb declares freedom from oppression.

Worship Moments

“We felt like the spontaneous and prophetic songs of the Lord came out effortlessly.” said Chris Shealy, “That's not uncommon in our culture but it seemed to be heightened in January. It was really unique.”

The album ends with “We make way for the King to come,” followed by an open space of ad-lib song. The final spontaneous song, “We are hungry… we want the real thing” exemplifies the heart of this revival: hunger for God and a love of the way worship makes a space for us to encounter Him and be transformed.


Download or stream Revival25 here.