Revival 25 Conference: Celebrating the past and launching into the future

By Alice Clarke

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People encountering God in ways they’d never imagined. Hearts completely restored in a moment. Physical healings in every meeting.

Can you picture it? 25 years ago, in a small church near Toronto Airport, God decided to move in miraculous and unexpected ways among a lovely group of Canadian Christians with very ‘90s haircuts.

The past becomes the present

One evening meeting in 1994 became a month of meetings. Then a year. Then 10 years of nightly renewall meetings. The small church got bigger, became known as Catch The Fire, and started planting churches with their revival DNA.

Eventually, a revival event 25 years ago spiralled into becoming a week-by-week reality for believers all around the world. In lots of ways, Catch The Fire meetings look pretty similar to the early days. Except for the 90’s hairdos (mostly).

In January 2019, Catch The Fire Toronto will be celebrating 25 years of the Toronto blessing, and also looking to the future.

Family Reunion

I’ve been part of Catch The Fire Toronto for 7 years now, and the thing that always surprises me is how almost every single visiting worship leader or speaker talks about how they were impacted by the outpouring in 1994. It’s clear to see that God has used the Toronto blessing to impact and launch people into their calling all over the world.

We’ll have lots of these people back to visit in January for the Revival 25 conference.

Bill Johnson and Heidi Baker will be speaking at Revival 25. Steve Long, senior pastor of Catch The Fire Toronto, describes them as, “two of the people who were most profoundly affected by the revival years.”

They’ll be alongside a new generation leaders whose ministries are the fruit of renewal, such as Shawn Bolz, Banning Leibscher, and Brian and Jenn Johnson. You can find out more about the speaker lineup here.

It’s just the beginning

The conference won’t just be a reunion or anniversary celebration. It’ll be a chance to seek God for what he’s going to do in the coming decades. In recent years, prophetic words have been pouring in to Catch The Fire Toronto about new waves of revival.

I asked Steve Long what he thinks that will look like, “The Bible says that we’re going from glory to glory [2 Corinthians 3]. That means that our best days are yet to come as individuals and for our local church…

“That’s people having deeper experiences than they’ve ever had before. It’s more people meeting Jesus for the first time. It’s more people meeting the Father for the first time. It’s people yet to experience the Holy Spirit, meeting the Holy Spirit. It’s an increase in signs and wonders, miracles and healings. More people being raised from the dead. It’s all the evidence of revival, especially from the book of Acts and the gospels of Jesus.”

What you’ll get out of it

There will be extended times of worship and encounter, inspiring messages, and lots of opportunities for prayer ministry, “I’m hoping that people would be able to have lots of God encounters… and go away with hope that they’re carriers of the anointing,” said Steve Long, “If God is able to repeat what he’s done in the early days, and people have dramatic God encounters, that would be amazing!”

To register, go to the Revival 25 website, or visit the event page on Facebook.

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