How to take your personal transformation and change your nation

By Alice Clarke


I can’t think of many more beautiful things than seeing a broken heart made whole through the love of the Father.

Back in 2008, I came to the School of Ministry in Toronto, where I experienced God’s love in such a real way that it totally changed me. I live such a different life because of that inner healing and transformation.

I know that this is the testimony of so many others across the world in our Catch The Fire family. That’s why one of our core values is transformation.

Transformed From the inside out

When we’re transformed on the inside, we become more like Jesus. We are literally being discipled by him. Jesus also called us to be disciples of all nations. Transformation is clearly not supposed to only happen within church, so how do we take it out into our world?

“That the same power and presence of God that we see that transforms individual lives is bringing transformation to parts and sectors of culture and society,” said John Bootsma, senior leader of Catch The Fire Canada.

In recent years, John has partnered with Ed Silvoso and Transform Our World, because he’s seen the incredible transformation that happens through Ed’s straightforward model for reaching out to communities. “We might have had a theology about it before, but Ed was actually seeing it happen,” said John.

Supporting marketplace ministry

John was pastoring full time at Catch The Fire Toronto when he first connected with Ed Silvoso. John soon became part of the Transformation Canada team. One of their big projects is enabling business people

For John, it was clear to see that most people coming to church on a Sunday aren’t working full time for a church, and he wanted to find a way to support them in bringing the kingdom into their workplaces.

“I really felt strongly that part of my role was to validate people that are in the marketplace, but also to network them so that they themselves can be launched and released,” said John, “They are actually making serious inroads and impact into the culture and the world around us as a marketplace minister.”

Changing Banking in Toronto

John started reaching out to business people in the church and connected with Glem Dias, a business a leader in Toronto.

They attended a Transform Our World conference together, where Ed Silvoso prophesied over Glem. John recalled the event, “Ed said, ‘Glem, I see you changing the face of banking in this nation.’”

Glem’s workplace role includes developing leaders and mentorship, “What he’s doing is a ministry, it’s not just a job,” said John, “He is a minister of the gospel and he’s bringing ideas to people of influence. He’s going to reach people that will never darken the door of the church except by funeral or marriage.”

Blending Faith and Technology

Transformation Canada is working together with FaithTech to bridge the gap between technology and faith.

James Kelly, founder of FaithTech, has a heart to mobilize Christians with expertise in technology, to further the mission of making disciples of all nations.

They are actively shifting the culture of suicide in Canada. The FaithTech team discovered that every month, 4,000 Canadians are searching online for ways to kill themselves, and the Google results were shocking. They decided to turn the tide by buying the domain name The site now gives a message of hope to people planning to end their lives.

Another initiative of FaithTech is The Digital Sabbath. It’s a a simple way to help believers to take a break from their cell phones, laptops, and TVs to connect back to real life.

Revival in the workplace

John shared his vision, “We can talk about transformation of the inner man, of you and I, but how about transformation of society, transformation of government and of education.

“If we’ve been transformed, we should become transformative agents to transform our community. If you get enough points fo transformation in the community, I believe it’s going to take us to a place of reformation. And that’s what I want to see happen.”

He and Patricia recently moved to Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. They are just steps away from the parliament buildings. It’s got John dreaming; “Like Joseph and like Daniel, what if we could have influence to the king. What if we could have influence to the people that make a difference to all of us on a regular basis?”

Want to see your nation transformed?

John shared how his mindset is changing through the connection with Transform our World, “I think it’s changing the way that I talk to the church. I think it’s changing the way that I think.”

If you’re looking for more inspiration, John recommends reading Transformation by Ed Silvoso.

You can also connect with Transformation Canada to network with other leaders with a heart for transformation.

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