Catch The Fire’s Bold New Brand

By Benjamin Jackson

catch the fire logo

By now you’ve likely seen a vibrant digital facelift for Catch The Fire.  We’re so excited to reveal our new brand to you and tell you about how and why we’ve done this.

Catch The Fire has changed and grown so much in the last decade. We’ve become a global movement of churches, and our branding needed to reflect that: to represent who we are now and moving forward, while still honouring our roots in revival. So, in the last 18 months, our brand team have been working on rebranding Catch The Fire.

We’re delighted to share the results!

In December 2018, we revealed the new brand to our global staff. As Duncan Smith addressed our teams around the world, he talked to us about new wineskins: “God said to me, ‘Tomorrow’s new wineskin is last year’s sacrificed lamb. What are you prepared to sacrifice now in order for me to pour out my spirit in a new way in a year’s time?’

We really do believe that the rebranding process is creating a new wineskin in which Catch The Fire will grow, and be ready for God to pour out his Spirit among us in a new way.

We’ve Taken Time over This

The rebrand has been a great opportunity for us to delve into the uniqueness and authenticity of who we are as a movement and family. At the very beginning, we surveyed the leaders of our churches around the world and took time to pray and ask God what he’s saying for the future of Catch The Fire.

Out of this process, our brand team carefully pieced together language and imagery to represent who we are. We had months of dialogue with our lead team, designers, copywriters, video editors and creatives to settle on elements that really feel like a true and honest expression of our shared identity.

In my marriage, I’ve learned that semantics matter - the words we use to communicate really do make a difference to our relationships! That’s exactly the same with our brand. Different words mean different things to people. We wanted to make sure the brand would work in the different cultures and languages that are represented in our worldwide family, and make plenty of room as we grow internationally.

The New Look

So here it is! Our new logo. Our design team went through hundreds of iterations, and landed on this final design, representing a flame, and the C and F of Catch The Fire.

catch the fire logo

The colours are fresh and bright, happy and vibrant. The Holy Spirit poured out radical joy in 1994 and we know that’s a huge part of who we are, that we want to represent to the world.

Not Just a New Logo, but New Language

We’ve redeveloped the language we’ll use to communicate as Catch The Fire:

We exist for the world to encounter God’s transforming presence.

Our hope is that you will see that this is not completely new, but as bold clarity for who we already are. We’ve always been people who value presence, encounter and transformation.

This is a mind-blowing statement for me. It’s something I know that I can give my life to. When I came to Catch The Fire for the first time, 12 years ago, I encountered God in a way that I never thought possible. I experienced the Father’s love deep in the core of who I am, and I truly want the whole world to encounter God in that way too!

Those of you that have visited Catch The Fire Toronto in the past will remember the mission statement we used to have hanging on the back wall: “To walk in God’s love and give it away to Toronto and the world.” It’s always been our heart that we would live in God’s love, live in his presence, and lead others into encounters with God.

This is something for every one of us, not just for leaders. It’s something that every single one of us can grab hold of and run with.

In Line with the Word

We have taken careful attention to make sure that the outcome of the rebranding process stays in line with the Bible and our Statement of Faith. We’ve scrutinized our brand values and details to ensure this.

You Can Join The Story

Encounter God with us.

The Father’s arms are wide open, ready to pour out his love on all of his children. His presence can be experienced and enjoyed by everyone, and that includes you!

There is always more.

Have you wondered whether there is more of God to discover? The answer is yes! We want to help you discover more of our wonderful, reigning King.

You were born to encounter God’s presence and lead people into encounters with God.

Whether you’re a homemaker, a real estate agent, or a healthcare worker, you were made for this. You have the capacity to lead people into transforming encounters with God, wherever you are and whatever you do!

Together, we can change the world.

As we all work together and fulfill our God-given destiny, we’ll see the world transformed. Each one of us has the capacity to introduce people around us to the love and the presence of God. We want to see everybody launched into their full potential!

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