7 Quotes from John and Carol Arnott That Will Awaken Your Passion for God’s Presence


By Alice Clarke

If you’ve heard John and Carol Arnott speak, you’ll know that their love of the Holy Spirit is infectious. They clearly live their lives in pursuit of God, with childlike simplicity and awe. They’re inspiring leaders to be around.

If you’re hungry to go deeper into God’s presence, or you’re in a dry season and need some inspiration, these seven quotes will make you want to press in for more of God today.

“The Lord asks us to “taste and see” that He is good. He wants us to hunger for Him and His presence more than we would hunger for anything else in the world… we can never consume too much of Him, of His presence, of His goodness. We could taste of His love forever and ever, and we would never get enough.” Preparing for the Glory (2018), page 20.

This is good news! We can never get enough of God’s presence. John and Carol are great examples that even if you’ve had radical encounters with God in the past, He has new things to show you today.

“If, in an innocent childlike way we press in and ask Him for more, He’s not going to say “no” because He is generous and wants to bless us abundantly. He knows how to give good gifts to His children and He’s not at all reluctant to do it. For years I never realized how much fun God is. He loves childlikeness.” Manifestations and Prophetic Symbolism (2016), page 21.

Sometimes we hold back on asking God to meet us for fear of disappointment. But the Bible clearly says that Jesus wants us to be childlike before Him, and eager to be with Him. God wants us to know Him as a good, happy Father.

“...92% of people testified to the fact that they were more in love with Jesus since the experience than they had ever been in their entire Christian life.” Manifestations and Prophetic Symbolism (2016), page 20.

In 1995, Margaret Poloma, a sociologist, studied the effects of the Toronto Blessing on believer’s lives. Here is just one of the outstanding results: experiencing God’s presence caused people to love Jesus more than ever before. If you want to fall more in love with Jesus, today is the day to pursue the presence of God!

“We’ve found the reason some Christians find it difficult to love others is because they haven’t fully fallen in love with the Lord or they don’t love themselves. We’re convinced we need to be filled up with His presence. Without an overflow of love, life and passion, other people can merely become a ‘project’.” The Invitation (2013), page 27.

Are you feeling tired of doing good things for others, losing motivation? If you want to love people like Jesus does, let Holy Spirit fill you up with His love first. Your love affair with Him will cause you to overflow with love for others.

“We don’t have to wait until we’re in a dry place to be hungry for more of God. In fact, we’ve found the more we encounter the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit, the more we desire Him.” The Invitation (2013), page 29.

Whatever place you’re in today, let the Holy Spirit stir up a deeper desire for Him inside you. As you get to know Him better, you’ll continue to want more.

“God is love and His greatest desire is for us to love Him with all our heart and soul. What kind of relationship would it be if we didn’t ever feel anything? Love has to be felt, be experienced, and reciprocated.” Manifestations and Prophetic Symbolism (2016), page 7.

This book explores the reason for manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and what we can learn from them. When we experience God’s presence, it’s natural to feel something. God wants us to know His love as an experience, not just as head knowledge.

“Then make it your goal to buy the oil of intimacy. Learn what it means to soak in the Lord’s presence. Learn to be a worshipper, a lover of God… And what if Jesus doesn’t return for another 20 years, or 50 years? Something tells us you won’t be disappointed when you choose to focus your life on time with Christ, our Bridegroom King.” The Invitation (2013), page 64.

This sums up John and Carol’s perspective on time in the presence of God: choosing to spend your life on Him will never be a waste.

PresenceAnita Wing Lee