6 New Year’s Resolutions that will transform your walk with God in 2019


At this time of year, your social media feed starts to fill with ideas for new year’s resolutions. A quick google search for ‘New Year’s Resolutions 2019’ will give you enough ideas to keep you busy for the next 5 years.

A lot of us take the opportunity of a new year to plan ways to grow in our faith walk. Ideas like ‘I’ll read my Bible more’ or ‘I’ll spend more time in God’s presence’ are great, but actually fairly hard to track.
The best way to succeed in a New Year’s Resolution is to make it something that you can track, and something that you can achieve, rather than a broad idea or a sudden, drastic life change that might be unsustainable.

Here are six broad new year’s resolutions that you might have been thinking about, each with a simple, achievable action.

Resolution: I want to read the Bible more

Action: Complete a YouVersion Bible reading plan

On the YouVersion Bible app, you can find a study plan on themes as broad as parenting, healing, or anger. You can also follow a plan which works through a section of the Bible. I’m currently working through the New Testament in 8 weeks with the Community Bible Experience: NT plan.

In each plan, you can set up daily reminders to help keep you on track, or share your plan with a friend and use the app to discuss your thoughts each day.

Resolution: I want to spend more time in God’s presence

Action: Do the Soaking 20 challenge

It can be hard to relax and rest in God’s presence when life gets busy. Rest is actually something that we need to practice, and soaking is a great way to do that. Put on some relaxing music, sit down in a comfy chair, and welcome God’s presence.

To do the soaking 20 challenge simply pick a period of time (maybe a week), where you’ll soak for 20 minutes each day. Find a friend to do it with you and text each other each day, telling them how you got on, and sharing what God said to you. You’ll find it’s really encouraging to have a friend to be accountable with!

Resolution: I want to live a lifestyle of worship this year.

Action: Plan a weekly living room worship session.

Worship is about the position of our hearts towards God. Our adoration and devotion to him. Taking time, for even half an hour each week to worship at home, is a great way to develop a personal culture of worship.

You could simply stick on a worship playlist on YouTube and join in, or invite friends around for a worship time together. Engage your creative side by painting or writing as your worship.

Resolution: I want to be more like Jesus this time next year.

Action: Book a healing session

I think we all notice parts of our behaviour that don’t look like Jesus. Perhaps it’s anger that you can’t keep a lid on, constant comparison, or even the niggling sense that you’re not good enough.

There are a bunch of great inner healing models out there, where you can take time with a trained minister to dig deeper into these issues and let Jesus heal the hurts. Go ahead and book a healing session to get started. Most Catch The Fire churches have connections to people who minister in Restoring The Foundations, Bethel Sozo, or HeartSync.

Resolution: I want to reach out with the gospel and see my neighbourhood transformed.

Action: Make friends with a neighbour

We know that Jesus has called us to make disciples of all nations, but transforming your country, or even just your neighbourhood, can seem like a daunting task. So why not start by befriending one person on your street?

Ed Silvoso has a really straightforward plan that can help you get started. It’s called Prayer Evangelism. You can find out more about the four steps in this blog post.

Resolution: I want to belong to a better community.

Action: Open up with one friend

If you’re looking for a better community, you can begin to build it right where you are. Vulnerability is a huge part of building lasting, deep relationships.

Ask God for one Christian friend that you can go deeper with this year. If you don’t already have a relationship that’s vulnerable and open, take time to get to know them, ask them how they’re doing, and be honest when they ask you. Pray for each other and keep track with them week by week. Regular, intentional connection is the foundation for great Godly friendships.

If you’re wanting to dig deeper into the power of vulnerability, and how to overcome shame, read Brene Brown’s book, Daring Greatly.

By Alice Clarke