5 ways plug in to the presence of God on your most hectic day


It’s pretty normal for me to ask a friend how they are and hear the response, “I’ve been busy,” or, “I’m pretty tired at the moment.” Sometimes I even say it without thinking.

When busyness feels like our way of life, the best antidote is to plug in to the presence of God.

I’m always tempted to feel like writing one more email or getting one more household chore done will make me feel more peaceful. But leaning in to God’s presence right where I am, in the middle of all the craziness, is what I really need.

You might find that it’s super easy to just think of Holy Spirit, and immediately fall on the floor, but for lots of us, it takes a bit more concentration. John Arnott, founding pastor of Catch The Fire, describes his process of connecting with God, “I need to press in and be intentional about it... I’m not easily overwhelmed by it all, like some people, like my wife Carol. I intentionally put busyness aside and tune in.”

So, how can you choose to be intentional about God’s presence when you’re stuck in traffic and late for work for the third time this week, you’re receiving urgent emails from your boss about a project you’re behind on, or the dinner needs cooking and the kids are arguing?

1. Invite God in

“Presence is the communicated love of God himself, the very person of the Holy Spirit,” said Duncan Smith, president of Catch The Fire.

It’s true that the Holy Spirit is alive inside us, but there’s something about intentionally inviting him into your present moment, that really makes a difference. He’s a person, not a force to be used for our convenience, but someone to spend time with, love, and be loved by.

2. Picture Jesus

I’ve learned through Mark Virkler’s teaching on hearing God’s voice that imagination is a tool God has given us to help understand and connect with him.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you picture Jesus. Where is he in the room? What does he feel toward you right now?

You could even picture yourself in one of the Bible accounts. When you’re crazy busy, what would it feel like to imagine being one of the children sitting on Jesus’ knee and chatting to him in Matthew 19?

3. Soak

Soaking in God’s presence is about putting your distractions aside and taking time to rest and receive. If you have space, even just three minutes, putting on calm worship music and welcoming the Holy Spirit, can make all the difference to your day.

4. Worship

“I encounter God best, perhaps, in a worship time, where I can just get lost in the worship, and love him, and get lost in that place where I appreciate over and over that I am his and he is mine,” said John Arnott.

Putting on worship music is a great way to disconnect from the intensity of your day. Play a favourite song, close your eyes, and sing along. I also find that playing worship music as I go about my day is a constant reminder of who God is.

5. Set a timer

In 2011, Carol Arnott started using a timer to remind her to worship every ten minutes. It helped her regularly connect with God’s presence, and was a window into healing for her.

Beni Johnson, founding pastor of Bethel Redding, was healed of adrenal fatigue after learning about using a worship timer from Carol.

On high-intensity days, I’ve used the Timer+ app to set intervals of throughout the day to remind me of God’s presence. I’ve found that I am less overwhelmed by everything that’s going on. It’s really helped!

Written By Alice Clarke

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