How You Transform Lives

We are working to reach everyone whom the Lord God puts before us. Taking time to stop for the one and ensuring he or she can meet with God and experience transformation can be expensive, however. In some cases, those who most desperately need transformation cannot afford the costs of travel, accomodation, and tuition, which is where your help is most desperately needed. 
Any financial gift that you can make will help to transform lives, and we know from our own experience that giving sacrificially always impacts your own life too! Would you please consider partnering with us?

Visionary:  $1000/month +
Visionaries help us turn ideas and dreams into real-world transformation, through supporting our international initiatives that often have both the greatest need and the highest cost. Visionaries are absolutely essential to our ongoing success.

Leader:  $500/month
Leaders are a critical part of transforming lives. Planting churches and reaching broken communities with the Father's Love would not be possible without the commitment and support of our Leaders.

Mentor:  $100/month
One of the ways that Mentors transform lives is through our support of other organizations, such as Iris Ministries in Mozambique. When we hear of a need that we know we can't best respond to ourselves, we love to be able to give away to those most effective at meeting the need.

Friend:  $50/month
Friends help us be responsive to a world in crisis. When Haiti experienced a massive earthquake in 2009, and when Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of New Orleans in 2005, we were able to send both volunteers and financial aid to those hardest hit.

Supporter:  $25/month
Our are World Changer Supporters are so precious to us. In all of the ways God has shown us we can be transformative, we have Supporters standing alongside sowing faithfully and in many cases coming with us on trips and ministering at schools. Supporters help us stand with the persecuted, help us preach the good news, and facilitate all levels of transformation.

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