Missions Resources

Catch The Fire seeks, to invest our time, money and energy on the two priority statements of Jesus:

  1. He told us to learn how to love God, love others and love ourselves in what we call the Great Commandment.
  2. He also told us to win, connect, disciple and send out leaders who are immersed in all aspects of the Trinity in the Great Commission.

The following list of resources will help you as you prepare for a mission trip whether it is to conduct an International School of Ministry, work on projects or engage in evangelism.

1. One of the best websites for Short Term Missions training is from the US: 7 standards of excellence in short term missions are listed and explained http://www.stmstandards.org/standards/

2. Please review the article 5 Pitfalls of Short Term Missions that makes reference to the standards of excellence in short term missions. www.shorttermmissions.com/articles/avoid_pitfalls

3. OMF series of five minute videos, available free for download at: http://www.omf.org/omf/us/get_involved__1/6_ways_to_reach_god_s_world

4. In Canada the Short Term Missions Network is a good resource: http://stmnetwork.ca/

5. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has created a Best Practices Code for short-term missions. The overview PDF is available for free but the full book can be purchased for $10. http://files.efc-canada.net/min/mp/GMR/codeofbestpracticeshorttermmission.pdf

6. When searching out information on a nation from a Christian perspective one of the best sources is Operation World, which has a list of pertinent information especially for prayer prior to your trip. Downloads are available but the purchase of the latest book and/or DVD is recommended. http://www.operationworld.org/

7. World Christian Missionary Resources is a website with links to hundreds of online resources for missions. http://www.missionaryresources.com/

8. Review the pertinent chapters of the book “Ask A Missionary”, which is now available free of charge in PDF format CLICK HERE and has a wealth of knowledge from over 100 contributors on every aspect of missions.