About Missions

Catch The Fire seeks, to invest our time, money and energy on the two priority statements of Jesus:
  • He told us to learn how to love God, love others and love ourselves in what we call the Great Commandment.
  • He also told us to win, connect, disciple and send out leaders who are immersed in all aspects of the Trinity in the Great Commission.
Catch The Fire supports people and organizations engaged in mission outreach locally, nationally and globally that follow these priority statements.

Some of those people are living in at risk nations which we can’t publish on this site such as Afghanistan, Thailand, parts of Asia, China and the Middle East. We support them through our finances, our prayer and practical projects. The development of Catch The Fire TV with thousands of online teachings and live interaction is a great resource for many in those nations.

Loving Others

Our focus in 2009-2010 has been to partner with missionaries and organizations working with the poor, the widows and orphans in nations such as Mozambique where we work with Iris Ministries to support the orphans & church planting throughout the country. We also sent a team of nearly 40 people this year for a two week mission trip to pour in both time and resources. In Uganda we support the Watoto orphanages and in Haiti we partnered with World Vision to bring relief to the earthquake victims. There were many global outreach trips from the different Catch The Fire Churches to Kenya, South Africa, India, Ukraine, Norway, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Ghana, Czech Republic and the Philippines to name a few!

Training, Discipling & Empowering Pastors & Leaders:

ILSOM, the International Leaders School of Ministry is part of our mission outreach when we provide Pastors and Leaders with a week of training, their food & lodging and all materials. This year we were in Nepal, Iceland, Ethiopia and Brazil empowering people to disciple their nations.