Peru 2011


September 2011


Porto Alegre

São Paolo

When I began attending Catch The Fire, I saw a short video of a mission trip to Brazil and I felt a strong desire to go. Five years later, in the Lord’s timing, I was finally able to do so, and it was well worth the wait.

About six months ago I told the Lord, “Ok, I’m ready to do what you would have me do, and go where you would have me go.” The next day a man from my congregation came up to me and asked, “Have you ever thought of going to Brazil?” I answered, “Yes, I’ve wanted to for many years.” “Good,” he smiled, “I guess that’s why the Lord told me to give you some money to go!” That launched me forward to my first mission trip, first plane ride, and a lot of other firsts!

The Brazil/Uruguay mission trip was life changing. I saw God use me in ways I didn’t think possible. I was stretched and at the same time blessed beyond my expectations.

In Brazil it was a great joy to be used of God; there were hundreds of pastors there, ready to receive and hungry for more of God. They were very passionate in worship, even small children and teens were worshiping with all their hearts.

The thing that stood out to me most in Porto Alegre was the hearts of the people. They wanted to give their very best to us, always greeting us with a smile, a hug, and lots of food. I was also amazed at their passion for serving the Lord; they would sing, praise, dance, worship and pray with all their hearts. It was a joy to go and pray for people so ready to receive and excited for what we had to give. They came expecting - so the anointing would flow freely, as would the Spirit of God.

One night Bruno Ierullo preached about receiving from God. As he was talking I felt a great, warm hug from above that came in waves, and I knew it was the Father’s embrace. A little later as we blessed and prayed for people, they began to hug me, and as they did I could feel the blessing of the Father’s embrace flowing out of me in the same way it came in. Many people started to cry or just fell to the floor. It was an amazing time, watching God loving His children.

One morning, shortly after breakfast, we were informed we would be leaving in 45 minutes to go to a big BBQ. It was at a small church in Guaiba. As soon as I entered the building, before anyone even greeted us, I felt a spirit of warmth and hospitality. After a short time of prayer, declaration, and blessing the leadership, we had an amazing meal and time of fellowship. My team mates Sergio, Diana and I stayed long after the meal and prayed for and blessed each person. It was a beautiful time, Holy Spirit’s love and wine were flowing.

During this time of prayer, the pastors of the Guaiba church told me that they heard me speak at the prophetic school and wanted me to pray that they would receive the same kind of intimacy with the Father that I spoke of. I gladly prayed for them, and told them I want the same thing - a closer relationship with the Father.

To finish a wonderful afternoon, a little boy came and asked me, “Do you bless children too?” “Of course!” I said, “Jesus loves blessing children.”

We saw many people’s hearts being healed with the message of the Father as well as physical healings and creative miracles! Bad legs healed, deaf ears opened, and lots of gold teeth. At one church both the pastor and his wife received gold teeth, the congregation was “mucho” excited! I am so thankful for the opportunity to go and minister to other nations, my life is forever changed by the experiences I had, the friends I made and the mysterious and marvelous ways I saw God work.