Mary Audrey Raycroft

Recommended Speaker

Mary Audrey has been pastor of Equipping Ministries and Women in Ministry at Catch The Fire Toronto (formerly TACF) since 1994. She is an exhorter and teacher, and has ministered God's heart of renewal internationally. Gifted in encouraging believers, Mary Audrey teaches both large and small groups in homes, church seminars, retreat settings and conferences on such topics as who you are in Christ, the gifts of the Spirit, breaking hindering yokes, and a variety of other themes designed to bring people into walking in the Spirit with wholeness and fruitfulness. Ministering to a wide variety of denominations, her heart is for unity in the body of Christ. Since 1984, she has been in a trans-denominational teaching and equipping ministry, working with churches, Bible schools, and pastors in North America, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. She is the founder of Releasers of Life, a cross-denominational group called to awaken, equip and release women into their full potential in the body of Christ through conferences, retreats, and seminars. She has written teaching manuals and a book called, Releasers of Life - Discover the River Within. "My desire is to see Christians realize their potential in the Lord, and step out in faith to find their place in the body of Christ."