Bruno & Naomi Ierullo

Bruno & Naomi have been at Catch the Fire Toronto (formerly TACF) since 1989, and Naomi since 1993 when they were married. Bruno and Naomi joined the pastoral team with the purpose of developing a Catch the Fire campus in Newmarket, Ontario, in the Greater Toronto Area.

Through the years, Bruno and Naomi have been saturated in the core values of Catch the Fire and learned God's heart for His people. Bruno and Naomi are graduates of St. Stephen's University, where they met. Bruno is a graduate from Tyndale Seminary and received his doctorate from Wagner Leadership Institute.  Bruno enjoys teaching on the Father Heart of God, while Naomi enjoys speaking about hope and God's destiny. Bruno and Naomi enjoy leading cells and raising leaders through mentoring.  Bruno and Naomi have 5 beautiful children.