Toronto, Canada

School of Ministry Toronto

Our Toronto Campus is home to the orginal School of Ministry (SoM) and is overseen by Gordon and Cathy Harris. We have had thousands of students come through our doors and have been impacted, empowered, and sent out all over the world seeing God do big things in their lives! SoM Toronto offers 4 distinct courses and combines them with an amazing community and dorm style living.
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School of the Heart

If you want to get real with God, get real with life, and make a real difference in the world around you, then the Heart module of the School of Ministry has your name written all over it.
The Heart module is for young adults aged 18-35 who are passionate about God and want to go deep in intimacy with him. Go deep in a really-hear-him, really-feel-him, really-know-him kind of a way.

School of Worship

You love God. You love to worship Him. And you want to develop your musical gift.
You want to experiment, experience and explore aspects of worship you've never touched before. You want an encounter with Him that makes you more radical, more creative and more passionate. You want to come to the School of Ministry Worship module.

Advanced Module

The Advanced Module is our advanced school, designed to help students go deeper in God and fly higher in and toward their destiny. Its focus is to bring students into a life lived in the fullness of both the Spirit and the fullness of the Word. Students will be equipped through the study of the Word, through ministry opportunities, through outreaches (organised and designed by their own class) and through an internship in each students’ area of interest. Like all SoM courses, the Revelation Module addresses the issues of the heart, a life lived with the Holy Spirit and the practical matters of Christianity.

You are able to take an entire semester, or take courses a la carte per week.

Leaders School

We recognize that Catch The Fire has made an impact for God on a global scale. We have also noticed that it's not only the 18-35s group that desire to come and spend time receiving and being equipped for a life-style of ministry.

The School of Ministry offers a range of 1 week and 3 week long courses.
If you're ready for a time-out, investing in your relationship with God and your ministry tool belt, check out the 1 and 3 week long modules the School of Ministry has to offer you!

Gordon and Cathy Harris

Directors SoM Toronto

Gordon and Cathy Harris are the directors of CTF School of Ministry which trains and sends out hundreds of students from its various modules each year. They also oversee many areas of the ministry, including our internship programs, the upcoming international SoM Campuses, Revelation Online (the web-based bible school) and the CTF weekly live soaking broadcasts in partnership with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). With over 15 years pastoral experience, Gordon and Cathy bring a wealth of wisdom and vision to the SoM. Cathy’s heart is to equip and launch people into their calling in life and ministry. Gordon’s passion is teaching and making the Old Testament come alive to believers. Together they love to see young adults catch a hold of their identity as sons and daughters of God.