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Our online magazine, Revival Magazine, features articles from many of today’s leaders in revival. Revival Magazine is regularly being updated with fresh, relevant perspective from authors, worship leaders and speakers. Additionally, we have an extensive library of back-dated articles from Spread The Fire Magazine.

Below is a list of recent news articles and press-releases, visit for more.


Press Release | Global Outreach Day 2015 - Finding The Hope

1 May 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMedia contact: Paola Di Clemente; paola@grafmartin... continue reading

Update on Catch The Fire USA

13 April 2015

“I’m no longer a slave to fear – I am a child of God.”  - Jonathan & Melissa Helser... continue reading

Should We be Allowed to Kill Ourselves?

7 February 2015

On Friday, the Supreme Court of Canada repealed the law that bans physician assisted suicide (euthanasia) in Canada. Let's look at what this means for us as both national citizens, and as revivalists, and how we can respond... continue reading

Breaking News: Crisis In Zinder, Niger

16 January 2015

*** please note:  We've been advised to limit the details discussed to ensure the safety of those who are in hiding ***  PLEASE PRAY! We've just received news from a friend that the violence has spilled over in Zinder, Niger Republic in West Africa... continue reading

Bishop Tony Palmer | Minister of Reconciliation

20 November 2014

Reflecting upon the legacy of Anglican Bishop and leader of the Ark Community, Tony Palmer... continue reading

A Papal Apology

7 August 2014

The Pope addresses the Pentecostal Church of Reconciliation... continue reading

Meeting with Pope Francis

12 July 2014

On June 24th 2014, Carol and I went with a small group of leaders to visit Pope Francis in Rome. We spent about three hours together: a one hour private meeting and a wonderful time of fellowship over lunch... continue reading

Unity In Diversity

25 June 2014

A meeting with the Pope... continue reading

Press Release: Heart Bleed

23 April 2014

You have likely heard about the recent Heartbleed vulnerability that affected much of the traffic over the internet. We are happy to inform you that Catch The Fire Toronto was not vulnerable at any point, as we do not use the particular software that was vulnerable... continue reading

The Next Wave: Working The Ground

27 January 2014

Before the Anniversary Week I felt the Holy Spirit was showing me a perspective that may be helpful.I could see the church and the work that had been done over the years like one of the organic farms... continue reading

The Next Wave: A New Move Has Begun

24 January 2014

What an honor to be a part of the more of the spirit that energized and renewed us over the last 20 years.I hear the Lord saying!"A new move has begun"You have stayed the course of the river until now, but now you will open a flood gate that was closed in the last season.This will produce a torrent... continue reading

The Next Wave: Years Ending with 4

23 January 2014

The Lord has been speaking me about the number four lately, specifically hitting on the fact that two major revivals have begun in years that ended with the number 4 (Azusa—1904, Catch The Fire—1994)... continue reading

The Next Wave: Fire to Wet Wood

22 January 2014

I had a vision of the people who were attending the Revival Alliance Conference at Catch The Fire. The people turned into wooden matchsticks. Then the Lord lit every matchstick... continue reading

The Next Wave: Standing For Israel

21 January 2014

Prime Minister Steve Harper has made the most emboldened stand for Israel before the Knesset and with PM Netanyahu the last two days... continue reading

The Next Wave: Association & Relationships

21 January 2014

The word I have for you/us is:1) Acceleration through association2) it's a season to renew former covenants.There is a camaraderie that is rooted in a common enemy instead of a covenant friendship. But fellowship rooted in warfare is fueled in hatred not forged in love... continue reading

The Next Wave: Not Just an Anniversary

21 January 2014

For The Lord would say, this is not just an anniversary, it is a sign and a wonder-a sign for what God is getting ready to release and a wonder as it marks the releasing of a new move of the Holy Spirit that is the marriage of both wind and fire... continue reading

The Next Wave: Heralding a New Era

18 January 2014

I am excited, anticipating largely about this next week. I believe that we have entered a new era, greater than a season or phase. And there is yet something that is to happen that will ignite this next period of history which we have entered. I believe it is heralding an all new age... continue reading

The Next Wave: Millions of Canadians

17 January 2014

I have been praying much for you and the ministry of Catch the fire across the globe.  I am praying that God would bring you and your team to the cutting edge of the Greatest harvest the spirit of God is preparing at this moment... continue reading

The Next Wave: Kicking in an Incredible Era

17 January 2014

Two scriptures that I received:The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, and he will reign for ever and ever... continue reading

The Next Wave: 3 Words for 3 Groups

15 January 2014

I am 'carrying' 3 words right now for a few various groups;1) For the church at large, this year is a time to seek God for the gift of faith 'for MORE' than eyes have seen, ears have heard, or can imagine... continue reading

The Next Wave: Gifts From Heaven

15 January 2014

.. continue reading

Hemorrhaging Faith

19 July 2013

.. continue reading

Back To Life

26 April 2013

An initiative to raise awareness of unrestricted abortion in Canada and to give women their voice back... continue reading

The Pope’s Coming Resignation

14 February 2013

.. continue reading

An Introduction to Taste and See

30 January 2013

.. continue reading

Local Hero Caleb MacDonald

13 November 2012

Caleb MacDonald shares his heroic rescue story with Steve Long and the Newmarket Campus congregation... continue reading

2012 Reader Survey

8 November 2012

To help us improve what we do in the coming year, we’ve created a short survey... continue reading

History In The Making

24 October 2012

Catch The Fire Toronto Midtown Finds New Location in Historic Church... continue reading

Fake Facebook Accounts

15 October 2012

Facebook accounts have been made by people posing as John and Carol Arnott and asking for money... continue reading

John Arnott September Video Update

11 October 2012

A recent video update from John Arnott... continue reading

Duncan and Kate Smith Video Update

5 October 2012

.. continue reading

Steve Long's September Update 2012

28 September 2012

Steve Long shares a key message for this current season... continue reading

Catch The Fire TV is moving to YouTube

10 September 2012

.. continue reading

L.A. Dream Center awarded $10.3 million

6 September 2012

Inner city L.A. charity awarded $10.3 million to expand work in impoverished community.The Dream Center in the heart of inner city Los Angeles has been granted $10.3 million of federal funds to continue expanding their campus, a former 14-story hospital... continue reading

Hearing TheCRY at Massey Hall

23 July 2012

Prayer movement lands at Toronto's historic concert hall with hidden revival heritage... continue reading

Catch The Fire to be Awarded Jubilee Medal

19 July 2012

This Sunday, 21st July, Catch The Fire will be awarded a medal commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee... continue reading

Ajax Campus Announcement

16 July 2012

The Ajax Campus are transitioning... continue reading

Saved from Trafficking

29 June 2012

On December 20th 2011, Karen's daughter disappeared... continue reading

Outreach in Lebanon

27 June 2012

Amazing stories from a May 2012 outreach to Lebanon... continue reading

March for Life - Ending Abortion in Canada

10 May 2012

Last night I dreamed that I was at an abortion clinic... continue reading

Healing on Australian National News

19 April 2012

A group of youth from Queensland, Australia has caught the attention of Australian national news... continue reading

God Provides! A $1.2 million story

18 April 2012

Catch The Fire Raleigh have received an astounding financial donation.Read more about God Provides! A $1... continue reading

KidsFest Report

29 February 2012

3 days, 25,000 people, 125 volunteers per day, 100,000 square feet of inflatables and a whole lot of fun!February 18th- 20th was Kids Fest, a huge event for families in Toronto to celebrate Family Day Weekend together... continue reading

Aid to Attawapiskat

15 December 2011

Attawapiskat is a native Canadian village in the Hudson Bay area of Northern Ontario. It was recently discovered that many of the population of the area are living in very poor conditions, surviving in tents and uninsulated buildings through weather that can reach -50 degrees celcius... continue reading

Introducing Revival Magazine

11 November 2011

We are very pleased to present the shiny, brand-new Revival Magazine!Revival Magazine has been many months in the making, and we have been working hard to bring you this excellent resource, through which we hope to spread stories of revival all over the world... continue reading

World Changer Quarterly | Fall

11 November 2011

God has been ever so faithful doing amazing things in the last few months. In this newsletter, we will highlight a few of the inspiring testimonies we have recently come across and feature updates from recent mission trips and events... continue reading

Catch The Fire chooses Jostle to help keep staff connected

11 November 2011

Earlier this year, we at Catch The Fire Toronto began planning a strategy to improve our internal communications... continue reading

Unity and Reconciliation Day

28 October 2011

On September 20 we had a day together with Christian leaders from all over the world at Catch The Fire – Toronto, Canada, who have a heart for Unity and Reconciliation... continue reading

New Pastoral Staff in Toronto

28 March 2011

Special Announcement from Catch The Fire on Vimeo.Folks, on behalf of John and Carol Arnott, our Founding Pastors, and Bryan Stephenson, our Executive Director, Sandra and I are pleased to announce two new staff appointments... continue reading

World Changer Program Update 2011

8 March 2011

We are so thankful to God for each one of our Catch the Fire World Changers. Your support in the last few years has enabled us to “walk in God’s love and give it away”... continue reading

The Authenticity of the Move of God Originating in Catch The Fire Toronto

24 February 2011

Since 1994 over 4.5 million visitors from around the world have come to Catch The Fire Toronto  (formerly Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship) to receive more of God... continue reading

Catch The Fire Churches and PIH

19 January 2011

Catch The Fire Churches are a family of churches, led by the Catch The Fire apostolic leadership team based in Toronto, Canada. These churches are to be strategically planted by Catch The Fire... continue reading

Mozambique Mission Recap

21 November 2010

From 2 – 16 October 2010, a multi-national team of 39 (pastors plus normal folk like-you-and-me) joined together for a team mission to South Africa and then to Iris ministry (with Rolland and Heidi Baker) in Pemba Mozambique... continue reading

Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Name Change

13 May 2010

These past few years have been a time of great acceleration here at Catch The Fire! As you may know, this ministry started as a means to facilitate some of the soaking schools and events that we were holding here in Toronto, and also as an outlet for missions around the world... continue reading

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit: Responses to some commonly asked questions

11 July 2008

Over the years, one of the most frequently raised issues concerning the revival that began in Toronto in 1994 has been that of the manifestations that occur when people are touched by the power of God... continue reading

Regarding Paul Gowdy's Letters

18 June 2007

The Gowdy letters and postings on the internet have come to the attention of Toronto Airport ChristianFellowship... continue reading